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An informal essay is a piece of informal writing which discusses a particular event, situation or problem with paying more attention to the facts than to the author’s understanding of them.

Occasions for writing informal essays:

  • a letter to a friend

  • a childhood reminiscence

  • evaluation of the process of studying

  • a plan of entertainment for sumer holidays and lots of others where a stream of your personal thoughts and ideas is welcome

A good informal essay should consist of:

  • an introductory paragraph;

  • a main body;

  • a closing paragraph.

This structure is a standard one, but the sequence of its components may be changed according to your own conception of the subject under consideration.

Basic Features of an Informal Essay:

  • its done in informal style:

  • short forms

  • colloquial expressions, phrasal verbs, idioms

  • simplistic vocabulary

  • a series of short sentences

  • simple linking words

  • very emotional language

  • over-generalizations

  • personal examples

Note that your language and tone should correspond to the academic level of knowledge and the subject.

  • its plan is less rigid, but well-organized

  • it reveals the sense of your personality

Basic Techniques Informal Essays:

  • well-known quotations, rhetorical questions or thought-provoking statements are useful devices to make your composition more interesting

  • compression – stressing the major points of your essays whilst omitting irrelevant facts and secondary details

  • time inversion – changing the time order of the events described with the purpose of attracting the reader’s attention

  • creation of the suspense – keeping the reader in the atmosphere of uncertainty to involve him in further reading

  • withholding of the information – keeping the reader within your possession or control all text long by making him ask himself various questions

  • narrowing of the plot

  • narrowing of the plot – interconnection of two or more different stories within a new, common one.

Please, make use of the pieces of advice presented above, be creative and get an A+ for your informal essay in 24 hours.

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